New Youth Center Planned at Shepherd Hood Ministries

  It is still a dream but now there are Angels in the architecture for this Youth Center in Mwingi Kenya. Pastor Simon Muvengei and Orchid are committed to get the funding necessary to build a facility like the one pictured and deliver a much needed brick and mortar sanctuary for the youth of this [...]


Want to Sleep Better?

  As a kid when I had trouble sleeping my mother taught me to count sheep. Count sheep I thought….why would I do that? So I tried it and fell asleep. When I got older my wife told me I should think of something soothing. A place or a memory that that could take my [...]


Orchid Lights Up a Solar Powered Classroom in Peru

  It’s no secret that Orchid has a laser focus on providing renewable energy to the men, women and children of the Andes. Thanks to the tireless work on the ground of Path of the Heart Peru (POTH) and the love and support of our board member Christine Robinson Hallenberg and all her California Orchid’s of [...]


An $8000.00 Grant keeps the Stars of India Shining

The Mission leaders; Jaideep and Emily Jahav, write: “Wow! This is quite a blessing. We have not yet dug the bore well, however we have put up a barb wire fence as a boundary around the property. Our contractor recommended not putting up a stone boundary wall until after building. This saved us close to [...]

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Transparent and En”lightening” News from Path of the Heart Peru; June 2014

At Orchid it’s about being transparent and enlightened That’s why we work so hard to bring you updates from the field as often as we can. Our mission in Peru; Path of the Heart, sent us this grant report and these photo’s to let our advocates know their investments are finding their way to the [...]

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From Bogota to Katmandu (A story of one man, education and the internet)

  I originally wrote about Pierre, the “Orchid of Light” from Montreal in our post “The Rest Room Philanthropist”. That was back in September when he had just made the donation that linked two missions on different continents with the same dream. When he contacted me about his intended gift we began a series of [...]


Computer Labs in the Andes 2014

   The villages of the high Andes in the sacred Valley are very isolated and lack access to public services. In particular, access to education is extremely limited. Very few children who live in the rural communities are able to attend secondary school. Young children walk up to two hours just to attend elementary school. [...]


Stories of Success: Project Playground

In March of 2013 Orchid launched 12 campaigns in support of it’s missions. Each with a $5000 goal. One of those campaigns was to help build a playground for the children of the Mahanaim community of Rabo Largo Columbia. You can read more about the need, vision and project here: Thanks to an outpouring [...]


Where do the children play?

I have fond memories of soaring high on a swing and building towering castles of sand in my local neighborhood playground. For so many, these playful pictures remained engraved in our hearts and minds and were truly formation in our childhood development. Do you remember laughing and jumping in a playground? Have you seen the [...]


What’s in a Name?

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” is a commonly quoted part of a dialogue in William Shakespeare‘s play Romeo and Juliet, in which Juliet argues that the names of things do not matter, only what things “are”. This Christmas much to my surprise Orchid received a donation from the Eck family. [...]