Volunteer Placement

Orchids places a big emphasis on the value of physical equity and Volunteerism is the primary way we deliver it. Five of Orchids programs have been placing volunteers in amazing places, with purposeful programs that benefit both the volunteer and the recipient. The founders of Orchid had the privilege to volunteer with all our partners and we know first-hand what a quality and enriching experience they provide.

Nepal Volunteer Council: Places Volunteers in education, youth mentoring and healthcare opportunities in the Katmandu Valley.

Strong Hearts Ethiopia: Volunteers work in Christian outreach, women empowerment, micro-finance, healthcare and education, community development and hospice in the Kore community of Addis Ababa.

Experiment Albania: In the Albanian capital of Tirana volunteers help provide educational training to the children of the Romani people and work at various orphanages and schools around the city.

Huruma Children’s Home: All Hands on deck at Huruma where volunteers provide one on one child mentoring and counseling, Christian outreach, and building and construction services.