Sunrise Dormitories Phase 1 & 2 Completed

The first phase of the project was completed ahead of schedule. Thanks to dry weather and the tireless energy of the men of the community, the foundation was dug and poured, completely by hand. All by the second of October. Phase 2 began right away and was finished an astounding 2 weeks later!

It’s almost unimaginable that this work is completed without heavy equipment of any kind. All by paid local labor from within the village. Your donations not only build a future for younger generations they are providing a path for employment and security right now.

That is the good news

Now we need help getting phase 3 kicked off. We have received a generous $4000.00 contribution by an Orchid angel who has helped our communities since 2012. Thanks to this gift and another $1000.00 arriving recently we are halfway to phase 3 and then we will be half-way to the completed project!!!

Will you help? We hope so.






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Sunrise Dormitories are a Community Affair

When the people of Katungu Village receive the love and donations from donors like you, they come out in force to make their dream a reality. With the first $10,000.00 grant, workers have been hired from the village to do the backbreaking work of leveling the land so the foundation can be laid. No heavy machinery, just bare hands, strong backs a Divine purpose of will to house the 250 children Sunrise Elementary will educate. Work has begun and nothing can stop us as long as we do our part to build a better world. Thank You

The Director pitches in


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Sunrise Village Dormitories



The building will be a two story structure which shall house girls
on the first floor and boys on the ground floor.

All together the dormitories will house over 250 students once complete!

The plan is to have a phased construction.
(a) We first construct first construct the lower floor and complete and have the girls occupy
it taking in consideration the precautionary safety procedures.
(b) We than commence on the construct of the upper floor after the completion starting
with construction of a two floor dormitory.
(c) Then basing on the availability of funds we construct a retaining wall against the constant threat of flooding.

The construction will involve 9 stages which can be executed in phases basing on the
availability of funds, the stages include;
1. Preliminaries
2. Substructures
3. Ground Floor walling
4. First floor slab
5. First floor walling

6. Fixing of Doors and windows
7. Finishing works
8. Tiling works
9. Painting works
10. Electrical works
The entire project is estimated at UGX 224,147,000/- (Uganda Shillings Two Hundred and
Twenty-Four Million One hundred forty-seven thousand) Roughly $60,000.00 U.S. 


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Transporting a Dream

First the land, then the crops, and now the bicycles to transport the dream to market and back to the village. This may seem to most as a very small accomplishment; six bicycles. But, something we take for granted as a given and something for leisure, is for the Sunrise School at Katungu Village, a precious tool that is a game changer. Now the laborers can get to that farm in 1/3 the time it took on foot and enable them to move their crops quickly to market and the storage facility at the village. Another step closer to nutrition independence thanks to Orchids of Light like you.


No “PIT”Y Project

It may come as a surprise but sometimes we need pits in our lives. 

If you live in a country and/or a village where there isn’t a western style sanitation capability you need to dig your own solution. In this case, every school certified by the government of Uganda needs to provide a pit toilet that meets all the best government and sanitation requirements of the country. That’s no small task, even without plumbing. And you need to provide one lavatory for the girls and one lavatory for the boys.

And after you dig the capacity necessary to support the children, with an evacuation option to empty it when required, you need to build the rooms that offer privacy, dignity, and sanitary standards children deserve. All this comes at a cost. $6500.00 to be exact. And that’s x 2. Total: $13000.00 for the school.

The great news is, that thanks to dedicated Orchid sponsors in Australia; who happen to be high school students who raise he money to help their adopted school and friends in Uganda, the funding for the girls lavatory is secured. And thanks to a donor in the United States we have already raised another $3000.00 towards the second unit needed for the boys.

Do you want to do something “PIT”ifully important this year and help put a roof on this second lavatory?

Will you dig in with us and make a difference?

Here at Orchid we’re still at work changing peoples lives for the better. One project at a time. We’ve been doing this since 2012.

Thanks to Orchids like you.

Thank You


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