Orchid Donors brew up a storm of support

Orchids of Light sponsors stepped up an bloomed big for the August Micro Brew tour campaign and raised over $14,000.00 as a down payment for the land to build a new youth center in Mwingi, Kenya.

This Center is the dream of Pastor Simon Muvengei and his Shepherd Hood Ministry.  Orchids of Light was formed in part as a result of that meeting and officially adopted Shepherd Hood into our portfolio in 2012. Since then Orchid sponsors have helped shepherd over 500 young people back into school and connect with their own spiritual power. Orchid angels have provided the funding necessary to keep the operation on solid footing and have purchased over 200 goats tact as entrepreneurial tool sets children raise and make a small profit from. These primary school students sell the milk and make more goats to sell for food to raise enough money to pay their way through school. All goats are recycled back into an upcoming generation of youngsters once the original owners no longer need them for their education costs. Orchid has also distributed over 5000 adolescent girl’s hygiene products to eliminate the stigma associated with their monthly cycle. In Africa girls will drop out of school during this time of month if they aren’t protected.

Now Shepherd Hood and Orchid are focusing their combined energies on a projected $200,000.00 youth center that will be a self-sufficient beacon of hope to this region that serves over 7 million people. The center will provide Christian stewardship, youth leadership training, an internet portal to free software coding skill education, and volunteer housing to establish mentoring experiences from the west.

The fundraiser held Saturday, August 26Th, introduced fifty philanthropists to the Lancaster Micro-Brew business landscape and generated over $12,000.00 in donations.

It was a win-win for everyone involved including local businesses. The tour made stops at Lancaster, Wacker, Spring House, Mad Chef and Saint Boniface breweries and culminated the afternoon at The Bulls Head tavern in Lititz. Pastor Simon Muvengei was on hand from Kenya to meet the sponsors and the Orchid team. Special thanks go out to all the people who made this initial campaign such a fantastic success.

There is much more to accomplish but thanks to orchid’s of light like you we have broken ground on this life changing campaign.


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New Youth Center Planned at Shepherd Hood Ministries


It is still a dream but now there are Angels in the architecture for this Youth Center in Mwingi Kenya. Pastor Simon Muvengei and Orchid are committed to get the funding necessary to build a facility like the one pictured and deliver a much needed brick and mortar sanctuary for the youth of this region of Africa.

Shepherd Hood Ministries has been delivering aid and services to young men and women by sending staff on motorcycles into the bush and communities that need aid. Their commitment to transforming the lives of each and every young person they can reach is unequaled.

Through programs that include; girls hygiene, controlled substance counseling, Christian outreach, sports camps, Bible school, Goat raising, School rallies, and Community interaction the ministry has reached and saved hundreds of kids by getting them back on track and back into school.

Now Shepherd Hood has their sight on erecting a facility that will serve a community of seven million people. This center that will serve as a hub for young people all around the area and deliver training and mentoring that can not be provided remotely. Internet, a technical training portal, sports center and housing are all planned.

This amazing facility will be a testament to the hard work of the Shepherd Hood team and Orchid sponsors like you. It will be another affirmation that God’s Grace truly exists in the world and that love and the caring for humanity is alive and well in Orchid’s garden.

Please join with us and pray for it’s success and contribute if you can.

God Bless

The Orchid Team




Lancaster County Microbrewery Fund Raiser



Orchid is Raising Money to build a brand new Youth Center in Africa!!

On August 26th 2017 Orchid will be hosting a tour and tasting at five of the best micro breweries in the country all based in beautiful Lancaster County PA. They include Lancaster Brewing Company, Wacker Brewing, Spring House Brewing, Mad Chef Brewing,  Saint Boniface and JoeBoy’s. The tour also includes at the awesome Bulls Head Pub in Lititz PA; voted the best brew pub in Pennsylvania 2016 and 2017.

Ticket donations are tax deductible! Cost per person is $75.00
Buses will transport all attendees to and from each micro brewery.

Time: 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Master Brewers will be on hand to discuss each beer.

Special events to be announced for final stop!

Reserve your spot by making your donation on the website and indicating “beer’. You will receive a confirmation reservation.
Only 112 tickets available so sign up NOW.
Pickup Locations will follow 2 weeks before the event
Event is rain or shine. Beer tastes great wet.

To register just go the upper right corner of this post, click on Donate and make your $75.00 tax deductible donation. Reference the word “beer” on your donation and we’ll send you your confirmation/reservation. Only 112 tickets available!

Tour includes luxury bus accommodation to and from all drop off points and all breweries plus a tasting of your choice. Bring some loose change as you will want to taste much more and sample the awesome food at these amazing establishments!

This is a must event for your end of summer experience and you will be transforming lives around the world as you taste the best of Lancaster County. DON’T WAIT…RESERVE NOW!!!!

Can’t wait to see you at the pubs…..Rich


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Strong Hearts Landfill Emergency Aide Needed

Orchid’s Strong Hearts Mission in Korah Ethiopia is at the front lines of providing emergency and long term assistance to the families affected by Sunday’s collapse of a fifty year old landfill that these impoverished people have to survive off of. These men, women and children rely on this mountain of garbage to keep them alive. It has provided food, materials for recycling and building, and bare necessities for everything they have. Whole communities sprung up all over the facility to bring people closer to this unsavory savior made of waste. Homes were built alongside and on top of the trash.

I worked with these people in 2011 and during all my work that year never seen anything like it. There are no words or pictures that I can share that can bring you to within a mile of what it is truly like to live like this. Now the situation is dire as their savior has become their executioner. The mass has collapsed crushing homes and people and pushing lives out of existence.

Fortunately the mission that hosted me; Strong Hearts Ethiopia, is still providing assistance directly to these people and 100% of the aid they receive from Orchid goes to their care. Now more than ever before we need your help. We are trying to set up emergency shelters, food stations and medicine for the injured.

These families will not stay off this facility unless they have somewhere else to go and you can help provide for their immediate care by donating to this emergency cause. I know you want to help and here is your chance. No amount is to small. Please pray for the families and if you can spare some of your treasure please do.

Never forget that God blesses us so we can be a blessing.

Thank You…..Rich


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Want to Sleep Better?


As a kid when I had trouble sleeping my mother taught me to count sheep. Count sheep I thought….why would I do that? So I tried it and fell asleep.

When I got older my wife told me I should think of something soothing. A place or a memory that that could take my mind off my troubles. So I tried it and fell asleep.

Now I’ve taken to counting goats when I want to go to a place of Peace and Calm. I go there because they remind me of what can be accomplished with something so simple. They make me smile because I see children laughing and playing and working and going to school. I see rejoicing at being given a chance to live a dream….a dream of getting an eductaion.

I rejoice with families thousands of miles away from me, who now, because of a small determined four legged creature that won’t take no for an answer, can see a way to improve the life of their children. I laugh at the ridiculousness of it all and then work hard to be as ridiculous as possible and raise money to buy more of these silly little creatures.

I have decided that the goat is now my favorite animal and the more I count the better I sleep at night.

If you would like to sleep like a baby, laugh like a child and rejoice at helping your Christian brothers and sisters in Africa do the same and join me in 2017 and buy some ridiculousness. I know a great Shepherd who knows exactly what to do with your love.

Read the Full Report Here

Shepherd hood Ministries January Report