Katungu Village Project Aims High

Campaign for Safer Dormitories 

Our end of 2019 and beginning of 2020 focus is on our mission in Uganda; Katungu Village. Orchid has been a proud sponsor of the project since our inception in 2012. Working with a very tiny budget and with limited resources, Katungu continues to demonstrate a unique capacity to leverage what resources are available within their own population and marry them with Orchid grants that together have changed the fabric and face of the community. Starting small and building sustainable deliverables over many years, Katungu continues to meet most of the Orchid criteria for worthy missions of our attention. Please join me in making their dream a reality. Learn More

2017: $65000.00 + in Grants!

In 2017 Orchids of Light, just like you, rose to the call and made compassion and philanthropy part of their lives. Thanks to them we accomplished so much! Thank You!

Strong Hearts Ethiopia:

  • Provided shelter, food and medicine to our community that was devastated by a collapsing mountain of trash where they exist trying to survive on what others throw away.
  • Grants for ongoing capital costs for Education program for 300 children. 

Katungu Village:

  • Rebuilt and Repopulated the sustainable farm after flooding
  • Added another pair of adult pigs to the sustainable farming project.
  • child sponsorship’s for a year of education and housing.
  • Grants for basic food supplies during drought
  • Grant delivered to help complete the foundation excavation for new school 
  • Donor Grant to repair lavatory 
  • Started construction of New Classrooms
Path of the Heart Peru: 
  • Seed grant for new sustainable livestock initiative 
  • Purchased new rubber boots for an entire community 
  • Sustaining Grant towards their child food distribution program
  • Grant for Chocolatada Christmas program
Shepherd Hood Ministry:
  • Grants sent to cover the first, second and third quarter administration and rescue costs for the teenagers of Mwingi.
  • Education funding for “girls hygiene and school program”
  • Grant for purchase of land for New Youth Center
  • Funding for initial well site evaluaion
Mahanaim Colombia:
  • Grants to build a new kitchen destroyed by flooding
  • Funding for Barranquilla community land reclamation
Media Voices for Children:
  • Grant for production assistance on new project in India. 
  • Grant for production of documentary on 1 billion child march against hunger.

2016 Mission Accomplished

And it’s thanks to you!

Orchids like you made a big difference in 2016. Our missions only reached out on occasion but you continued to listen to their requests and respond where you could.  2016 closed out big!


* Built a New Classroom in Cerete and fitted it with 100 desks.

* Mitigated Flooding at the Baranquilla Mission and put dry ground under foot.

Katungu Village:

*Provided desks and benches for their school.

* launched a rabbit farm business

* Built and stocked a Piggery at the community to establish nutritional independence.

* sponsored orphans

* paid for education staffing


Path of the Heart Peru:

* Yearly contribution to Christmas Chocolata campaign helping bring joy and food to 3600 families in the Andes.

* Helped fund, expand and move the permanent free lunch kitchen program for 500 children who use it daily.


Shepherd Hood Ministries:

* Provided grants to nine children that enabled them to pay for and finish their high school program.

* Purchased 10 goats to give to elementary students so they can raise them and generate enough income to pay for High School in three years.


Stars of India: 

* Sent grant money towards the completion of the new school in Jaipur for the Bhatt community

2015 Mission Accomplished

Orchid was forced to re-trench and step back from it’s historical aggressive fund raising and campaign generation as our amazing “all volunteer staff” had their hands full just juggling day to day life. In spite of that challenge a few of our most reliable sponsors kept Orchid blooming and many wonderful transformations took form. We continue to put our faith in God and the human hearts that beat His life into the lives of those we serve. Thank You to all our amazing Orchid’s of Light who continue to serve the needy. 

Katungu Village Project: $2000.00 Grant for sustainable chicken and rabbit farming.

Path of the Heart Peru: $1000.00 Grant for sustainable energy and special holiday food program.

Shepherd Hood Ministry: $3000.00 for Goat to school and Adolescent Girl’s sanitary napkin education incentive programs. 

Stars of India: $9500.00 Grant for the ongoing campaign to build a new school in Jaipur India.

Peru Earthquake Relief: $500.00 grant for tent housing for the victims of May’s Earthquake via Abari.org


2014 Transformations Accomplished

Media Voices for Children | Goal: $5,000 / Raised: $7,000

Strong Hearts Ethiopia | Goal: $5,000 / Raised: $4,800

Mahanaim | Goal: $5,000 / Raised: $3,000

Shepherd Hood Ministries | Goal: $5,000 / Raised: $4,500 

Path of the Heart | Goal: $6,500 / Raised $6,500

Stars of India | Goal $8000.00 / Raised $8000.00

Katungu Village Project | Goal $900.00 / Raised $900.00

2013 Transformations Accomplished

Orchid first bloomed in March of 2012, so we measure our success when February is in the rear view mirror. Thanks, in part, to an amazing couple who, as the year drew to a close, shined their light on our campaigns and allowed Orchid to fill a $15,000.00 shortfall. With Jim and Marta’s last-minute compassion and all the other Orchids of Light who joined them during 2013, every mission was awarded 100% of their 2013 grant request! Because of you it’s a beautiful view. THANK YOU ALL for being “Orchids of Light”!

Founder Grant | Raised: $22,500

Friends of the Heart | Goal: $5,000 / Raised: $6,500

(Health Care) $2500 of the $5000 goal was delivered to replace the items stolen from the restaurant that sustains the mission in this capital city. Orchid donors cooked up a solution to a near fatal problem. $4000 went to provide outpatient and hospital care for heart patients awaiting surgery.

Huruma Children’s Home | Goal: $5,000 / Raised: $5,000.00

(Sustainable Agriculture) The money raised dug a watering hole for irrigation and built a fence to keep wild animals from destroying the fruits of the orphanages labor.

Kenyan School House | Goal: $5,000 / Raised: $5000.00

(Education) Ten students received grants for uniforms, housing and an education for a year; taking them out of the poison fields and placing them where a future grows bright.

Shepherd Hood Ministries | Goal: $5,000 / Raised: $7,600

(Christian Outreach) $2,500 raised of the $5,000 grant request went to launch a for-youth program designed to teach young men how to become productive self-sustaining members of this African community in Kenya. This funding paid for the expenses of the trainers going out into the field. $3000 paid for the goats that young entrepreneurs used to build herding and milk production businesses. $2000 paid for transportation, education grants and sanitary napkins for teenage girls attending primary school.

Strong Hearts Ethiopia | Goal: $5,000 / Raised: $5,000

(Health Care) (Education) $2,000 was delivered to help sustain the hospice program launched by Orchid in 2012. One Orchid root leveraged their compassion with a matching grant to double the contribution. Another $500 was delivered for the ongoing support of sponsored children at Strong Hearts Academy and $3000.00 crossed the Atlantic as a seed of love for their micro-loan business start up program.

// Asia

Nepal Volunteer Council | Goal: $5,000 / Raised: $5,000

(Education) $5,000 goal completed a primary school renovation project creating classrooms, a library and computer lab with internet connectivity. Students once incapable of hearing their own teacher can now here her local voice in addition to the heart beat of the virtual world.

Stars of India | Goal: $5,000 / Raised: $5,000.00

(Education) The $5000 arrived just in time to met the sellers deadline so the land could be purchased to build the school that now needs to break ground.

// Eastern Europe

Experiment Albania | Goal: $5,000 / Raised: $5,000

(Community Development) The volunteer housing initiative continues to expand by your gift.

// North America

Media Voices for Children | Goal: $5,000 / Raised: $10,000

(Children’s Rights) We doubled our goal and raised $10,000 to help complete the film The Same Heart; a documentary on how the Robin Hood Tax would, among other benefits, lift one billion children out of poverty each year. We’ve taken off the mask and planted a seed for you to do the same.

// South America

Asociacion Mujerer Del Rio | Goal: $5,000 / Raised: $5,000

(Education) (Community Development) $5,000 built and outfitted a computer lab with four desktops, a full year of internet connectivity, the purchase school books and academic materials and a year of nutritional support for the children of the project. The gift also included free access to online educational course ware from Tribal Nova. One Orchid of Light connected children to the world and made his philanthropic dream come true.

Mahanaim | Goal: $5,000 / Raised: $5,000

(Community Development) Where do the children of Largos Cordoba play? Today in a beautiful playground that draws kids from miles away to build healthy bodies and paint gigantic smiles of exhilaration and appreciation on their beautiful faces.

Path of the Heart | Goal: $7,000 / Raised: $7,000

(Sustainable Energy) Orchid roots helped to light up the lives of thirty five families with the $5000 raised to illuminate every home in the CallhuaColcha community with a solar lighting system.
(Disaster Relief) $1,200 donated by Orchids of Light helped dry up despair by providing blankets, electricity and food during the disaster relief efforts in the Sacred Valley during the flooding this past spring.
(Community Development) $800 delivered Christmas hot chocolate for the children of the Peruvian Andes

Now it’s your turn for the remainder of 2018 and BEYOND.

Help us reach some modest and achievable goals in 2018 as we continue to transform the world with your philanthropy. Become an “Orchid of Light” in 2018.  Thank You and God Bless.