Fingers with clothing

Hunger Alleviation

Hunger is something we in the west rarely have a glimpse of in our own lives. The closest we might come is if we have been out all day with friends or family keeping very busy and return home famished from the day’s activities. We can’t wait to open the refrigerator or the pantry and grab a snack to pick us up or maybe make that amazing sandwich full of everything we love. Imagine if you had to go days or weeks or longer without food what that would feel like? Maybe try fasting for 48 hours to catch a glimpse of the pang and pain of not having enough to eat. It’s not pretty believe me; yet all across our globe people go without food every day and it happens in some of the communities Orchid supports because hunger and poverty like hopelessness and despair go hand in hand. Some of the missions below are working to change that by regularly providing nutrition to the infirmed and the elderly who can’t afford or even go out in search of food. Others are teaching families and communities to grow crops so they can feed themselves. If you have an appetite to transform the world into a place where no one hurts from lack of food you can make a huge impact with just a little at any one of these miracles already in progress.