Two women smiling

Empowerment of Women

Orchid recognizes that women unfairly provide most of the labor in the majority world and we believe in order for humankind to come back into balance women must be given the opportunity to develop into the leaders and professionals they were born to be. The organizations below all have a specific program or programs in place to unveil the world’s most valuable asset: Women.

Huruma Children’s Home: Mama Zipporah knows first-hand what it means to be born a woman in Africa; servitude, slavery and second-class citizenship at best. She vowed as a young woman that she would not put on those cultural shackles and now her school for disenfranchised and abused children teaches young women and men about equality and possibility. Huruma sees every girl that enters the institution as the ‘wonder woman’ she really is.

Asociación Mujerer Del Rio: Run by women for women this mission took up the staff of women’s rights and protection against abusive men and cultural ignorance when it was formed six years ago. Here in the Bogota slum where dignity has been stripped bare, The Women of the River rebuild the self-respect that was lost when these wives and sisters who they serve were driven off their farms and into the darkness of despair.