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Renewable Energy

People all around the world live in darkness when the sun goes down. Children read by dim candle light if they are lucky. If not they suffer the darkness until the dawn. Crude fires in thatch roofed dwellings kill families every day because without them there is no other way to light the night. At Orchid we support projects that are lighting whole communities with solar lamps and panels. Roots like you have provided illumination and hot water with the energy of the sun. If you are a green philanthropist and you want your light to shine on the darkness of despair join us and spread the renewable energy of your compassionate heart.

Path of the Heart: When Path of the Heart Peru was first conceived, the founders built and developed a soup kitchen that operates five days a week and provides a free hot lunch to 100 children of the mountains every day. Their ongoing operations include a yearly hot chocolate and Christmas gift program for 4,000 children every year and providing solar reading lights to villages without electricity so the kids can increase their study time. And that’s not the half of it.