Sponsors Garden

green plants in forest

Welcome to the sponsors garden! Where Roots of Orchid share why they decided to plant themselves in our communities!

I am part of the Orchids community for three primary reasons, and would ask you to consider this special organization for your charitable contributions. First and most importantly, it provides a path from my family directly to communities in need who are far outside the orbit of our daily lives. The projects and campaigns are tangible and needs significant. Secondly, the Orchids of Light strategy and focus on delivering both financial and technical resources, and mobilizing in kind voluntary support is the most effective way to make a difference in communities. Over twenty-five years working in developing countries has taught me this. Lastly, I want to empower Rich and all the Orchids leadership who have the inspiration, faith and commitment to make a difference. Great things can happen when these qualities are married to even small resources.

Gary, Washington DC

I have been an Orchids’ root since last year, and I have to say that I am so glad I chose to put my support behind this organization. I love what Orchids stands for, and I feel that it is a very worthwhile and worthy cause to support. When you become an Orchids root, you become part of the process of helping communities in need become self sustainable and more self sufficient. Not only does 100 percent of your donation go to communities in need, you also have the option of picking exactly where you would like your money invested as well. Orchids is currently involved in a number of different projects throughout the communities that they support, and when you become a root, you have the option of choosing which project you would like to invest your money in, and you can choose the community that you want to support. I have seen and experienced other organizations where once you donate, your money seems to disappear into obscurity, but this is not the case with Orchids. Orchids will tell you exactly how your donation has been used for the greater good, and you have the option of reading continual updates about the communities that you have chosen to help. Orchids is able to allow supporters to create bonds with the communities they support through pictures and updates, and through showing how your support has truly made a difference in the lives of those communities that receive your support. You come to realize that they are not just names and faces, but real people who need our help.

KH (Henniker, NH)

I am an Orchids’ root because I want to do something bigger than myself. It’s exciting to know that I’m helping people across the globe to, in turn, help their community become self-sufficient. The concept of “teaching a person to fish and he will eat for a lifetime” is appealing to me. During a time when so many CEOs and politicians seem to be trying to get more for themselves, it’s so encouraging to know that ALL money donated to Orchids is going to help the thirteen communities they support.

Jill Jennings (San Jose, CA)

When it comes to thinking about hardship and our fellow brothers and sisters around the world that live these hardships each and every day one feels a compelling need to reach out and help in any way possible. For many people and many organizations this ability is accomplished through direct financial support, however in today’s day and age with so many non-profit organizations looking to provide some form of help and relief to those facing these hardships we find ourselves either limited to a specific cause championed by that organization, or a specific geographical area. Couple this with the high cost of administration that many non-profit organizations carry and the result can be one of disappointment and disgust with what difference your financial support can actually make. That’s what makes the Orchid Foundation so unique and why my wife and I personally support their initiative. They break out of this sterotypical mold and instead invest 100% of all the money we donate directly to the cause. We get reports showing us the projects that are being accomplished and people impacted, thus we know where our money is going and are privileged to have a personal and financial relationship with such a great organization.

Matt and Holly Hess (Mt. Joy PA)

At a time when need is great and all too frequently we read about how corruption dilutes the efforts of those who try to help by diverting their aid, it is reassuring to have the transparency provided by Orchids of Light, a transparency offered by no other charitable foundation which guarantees that 100% of donations will go to aid those in need. Giving to these well-defined and intelligently-screened causes via a transparent monetary flow maximizes not only the dollars we give to those in need, but also the confident feeling of knowing these dollars are making a difference. Orchids of Light founders Rich Geisel and Julianne Beliel have done an excellent job of aligning the intent of the organization with its financial structure. There is no other charitable organization like it and we are proud to support it.

Joe and Amy Bucara (Collegeville PA)

We all have many opportunities to support organizations that help the greater good. I truly believe my support of the Orchids of Light foundation provides assistance directly to the people and organizations who need it the most. Keep up the good work!

KC (Lambertville, NJ)