Two sisters

Christian Outreach

Many of the organizations we sustain embrace a Christian call to love and provide service to those with the greatest need. Delivering the Promise of Hope, these organizations embody the love of our creator and the true purpose for human existence. Every day they walk the talk and transform once lost lives into discovered abundance.

Mahanaim: With multiple operations active in the most challenged areas of Colombia, South America; Mahanaim has built schools, established churches, and developed communities once little more than outposts for the most impoverished of bodies and minds. Now they are beacons of light shining brightly with the promise of faith and hope.

Huruma Children’s Home: Huruma teaches all its children every day that Jesus is the reason for the season and not just at Christmas. Huruma’s founder and matriarch Mama Zipporah will be the first to tell you she was saved so she can save. At Huruma the children are taught the spiritual path to life’s riches doesn’t cost a penny but Mama also delivers the educational, psychological and institutional needs these once abused children need so they can one day make it on their own in the world and proclaim the good news of philanthropy.

The Stars of India: Part of a West Coast Christian outreach ministry this husband and wife team has dedicated their lives to the children and young adults of the Bhat people in Jaipur India. In addition to providing primary schooling for their minds they bring God’s message that all people are equal in His site as they replace a caste system of discrimination with the Christian promise of hope and peace.

Shepherd Hood Ministries: The Rev. Simon Muvengei has a vision. It’s a scene where the young men and women of Kenya discover that being God’s paintbrush results in their lives becoming a masterpiece.  Simon believes that Kenya, like all of Africa is at a threshold of greatness but to cross over it will require the strength of the legs of the young people who will carry the nation forward. He has seen the results of ignoring the disenfranchised young people of his nation and his goal is to change the current outcome one young person at a time. If you believe like Simon does that bringing young people to Christ is the first step in helping them understand they have the gifts and the abilities already in them to live that inspiration you can help him reach out to the thousands of men and women waiting to be found by supporting his ministry.