2012 Results


Over time, given the right conditions, plant roots can crack foundations, snap water lines, and lift sidewalks.

But the Roots of Orchid Cracked the Chains of Poverty, Snapped the cycle of despair, and Lifted Up the Lives of Hundreds!

You are Roots of Love in the world. Thank You.


Orchids of Light Foundation

2012 Mission Accomplished Year-In-Review
$21,130 Raised and Distributed


South America: – $12,950

Mahanaim (Colombia): $5,700
One $5000.00 grant was awarded late in the year to complete a room to host no less than 70 children and provide electricity to the community at Mahanaim’s Long Branch mission in Cordoba Colombia. The room will be used for education, Christian ministry and adult training and mentoring.

A $700.00 grant built a security fence in April; providing security of all those living, working and attending the programs of Mahanaim. This protection and security for the children and families living amongst the bloodiest badlands of Colombia was needed so their work to develop self-sustainable agriculture could continue.

Path of the Heart (Peru): $5,500
A $5,000 grant in December, a single gift from one of Orchid’s most generous tap-root’s provided the community of CharcaHuaylla in Peru with a Solar Energy system that will be installed this winter. The system will provide lights and hot water for the entire community; greatly improving hygiene and enabling the children to continue to attend school in the cold weather and provide a warmed schoolroom that is healthier and more conducive to learning.
A grant of $500.00 in April purchased 125 chickens putting 12 Andean families in the egg selling business.

Asociación Mujerer Del Rio (Colombia): $700.00
$700.00 was invested in community gardens for the displaced women to grow their own food. These bartered products reduce the future need for nutritional donations, building toward a self-sufficient community sharing different sustainable crops.

Remar Foundation (Ecuador): $800.00
The $800.00 plumbing job was efficiently managed and completed for $500.00, leaving the extra $300.00 to purchase much needed food staples and clothes and blankets for the children along with a closet to store them in.

Ganas Foundation (Ecuador): $250.00
250.00 purchased recycled tire materials for the art and door mats the kids make to sell. The profits of these sales goes to the operation of the school and pay utilities.

Eastern Europe: $1,420

Experiment Albania (Albania): $1,420
Brick by Brick – $1,000 provided materials for building the walls of the much needed volunteer house project extending the resources to support the students of Experiment Albania. A grant of $420.00 provided a much needed washing machine for the volunteers who tirelessly each day work with the Romani children.

Africa: $3,860

Friends of the Heart (Uganda): $1,000.00
Support for three children battling heart disease are receiving much needed care – Nagujja Maria, 13 year, Amaisire Blessing, two and half year old, and Nanozi Shagida six years old. A Video documentary is in production, focusing on the key issues affecting heart patients this video is a powerful tool for Advocacy and outreach to heart patients in Kampala Uganda.

Huruma Children’s Home (Kenya): $800.00
$800.00 was provided for the much needed science lab in the new primary school. Education is an Orchid sustainable priority.

Strong Hearts Ethiopia (Ethiopia): $600.00
$600 added four children to the academy for a year providing education, nutrition and development for these young lives of the Cory community.

Kenyan Schoolhouse (Kenya): $1,460
This one time donation, provided sponsorship support for one year to cover the expenses of four children at the Kimana Secondary school. The tuition costs cover housing, education, uniforms and meals. In addition, two Orchid root sponsors have agreed to provide support for two additional children! Great program!

Asia: $2,400

Stars of India (India): $1,700
$1,000 – added another 2,700 sq. feet to Stars of India home and school building acquisition, groundbreaking planned for 2013!
$700.00 helped Stars of India put together a “Gift Development” program for the children that will attend the school. Developing a child’s special gifts guarantees they will be able to sustainably care for themselves as they grow to adulthood.

Nepal Volunteer Council (Nepal): $700.00
$700.00 provided a year of English tutoring of 8 boys in their orphanage outside Katmandu. These boys have all gone on record as desiring to be social workers when the graduate so they to give back to Nepal. English is their only chance to step into that field so we are developing sustainable sponsors of tomorrow by educating them in essentials today.

North America: $500.00

Media Voices for Children (USA): $500.00
A grant of $500.00 toward the $250,000 accumulating on a dollar-by-dollar basis for the production and release of their new feature film The Same Heart an essay about the state of children and the successes and failures of development aid… To be released mid-2013.

2013 will prove to be another very challenging and exciting year for Orchid. These last ten months have proven that we must grow and expand more rapidly if we are to continue the mission of service we are called to. We need volunteers to staff our organization, provide ideas and fill many empty slots including creative, administrative, and senior managerial positions. If you have the feeling you are being called to the garden of Orchid please contact us and share what is on your heart. We want to listen. We need you and the communities we serve are praying you will step forward. God Bless.