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Child Welfare

Orchid serves over ten thousand children across four continents. We say “desire” because we can’t accomplish this goal fully without You. Although that number is small in comparison with other child welfare non-profits it fits with our goal of effecting miraculous transformation even with small steps where sponsor and community walk together into a deeper relationship with each other. Orchid cares deeply for the entire world’s impoverished children and is doing it’s part to support little angels who without us would be passed over. Take a look at these amazing missions who are transforming young lives every day who without You would be left unaccounted for.



Jeremiah’s HouseProviding a home to Haitian orphans since 2017, The Jeremiah’s House program is focused on a manageble number of children so the results of the program can accomplish big things in all of their lives. The orphanage provides: shelter, food, education, athletics, medical care, and LOVE!

Stars of India: Rescuing children caught in a caste system that leads only to social imprisonment is one of many objectives the Stars of India have undertaken as part of their mission. This husband and wife team have made it their life work to prove that we are all equal in the eyes of our creator and loved as the treasures they are.

Path of the Heart: When Path of the Heart Peru was first conceived the founders built and developed a soup kitchen that operates five days a week and provides a free hot lunch to 100 children of the mountains every day. Their ongoing operations include a yearly hot chocolate and Christmas gift program for 4000 children every year and providing solar reading lights to villages without electricity so the kids can increase their study time. And that’s not the half of it.

Shepherd Hood Ministries“Enlighten, Equip and Empower” is the moto of this magnificent ministry. Focused on girls and boys as well as young men and young women, the program covers every aspect of mentoring, training, nurturing, and maturing Kenyan youth. All of this outreach is focused on forming a community based youth ministry that is connected to local partnered churches.