Shepherd Hood Ministry – Kenya

2017-2020 Campaign:

New Life Skills Center in Mwingi Kenya!

2017 to 2020 will be another extraordinary 36 months at Shepherd Hood Ministry as we embark with them on a multi year project to build and supply a new Christian Youth Skills Center that will serve as the launching pad a community of 7 million people. Nothing like it exists in this part of Kenya today, and it will be a dream come true for pastor Simon Muvengei and his committed ministry of transforming the lives of the youth of this community by connecting them to faith and country. The center hopes to serve as a portal for specialized technology training on application development and high end data coding that will provide students with skills they can offer employers no matter where they are in the world. The long term goal is to expand this portal and education beyond Kenya and across all of Africa.

Initial Cost Projection for Center: $250,000.00-$350,000.00

As of September 2018; $60,000.00 raised

About Shepherd Hood Ministry

On the Road to Enlighten, Equip and Empower

Shepherd Hood Ministry believes strongly that an enlightened society is a strong society. The fight against anonymity for Kenyan youth is necessary for true change within the society. Shepherd Hood supplies the trainers, each empowered by Youth Global Ministries after taking their classes at the Reformed Bible College. The basic objective of the outreach is to form a community based youth ministry connected to local partnered churches.

Due to the effects of extreme poverty within these communities, all ministries inaugurated will need to be equipped. Shepherd Hood provides a printed youth guide book and delivers it to every young person along with devotion booklets. They also stay connected to the joy of community spirit with a volley ball set including balls, and a net to bring sport and trans-formative change into harmony.

Shepherd Hood provides programs to engage and retain the youth into relevant ministries. This includes involving the youths in evangelist mission, youth camps and youth competitions. They have established empowerment systems that address the issue of poverty and lack of education by getting the youth involved in simple economy-building programs that require participant buy in and community support.