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Health Care

Virtually every Orchid Supported Mission provides Health Care of one kind or another to the men, women and children they are dedicated to serving but four of them in particular have a strong emphasis on the sustainable care required by the individuals and families in their respective communities.

Strong Hearts Ethiopia provides direct medical and hospice care to the people of the Kore Community slum in Addis Ababa.

Friends of the Heart: Dedicated strictly to Heart Disease and its victims in Uganda, FOTHU provides direct, life-saving medical intervention as well as preventative outreach and education on this killing condition in the Pearl of Africa.

Nepal Volunteer Council: The single biggest long-term goal for this organization, located on the outskirts of Nepal’s capital Kathmandu, is to one day fund and build a health care facility that will serve the very poor of this community. You can play a big part in tackling this mountain of a challenge.