Strong Hearts Ethiopia – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


2017 Urgent Campaign:

Many of the families cared for by Strong Hearts live on and in the largest landfill in Ethiopia. Their life is a struggle unlike any other. I worked with these people and saw first hand what a life on a garbage heap means. It is unlike anything you or your family can possibly imagine. Now the unthinkable has happened; it has collapsed onto the very families that try and survive by picking the scraps out of it. Please pray and reach out to me for questions and you can really help by making your tax deductible donation today. God Bless…..Rich


About Strong Hearts Ethiopia

A young Ethiopian charismatic is called to embrace the Korah community. Tucked in amongst one of Addis Ababa’s wealthiest areas serving as home to ex­‐pats, countless diplomatic missions, shops and gated communities live tens-­‐ of-­‐thousands of Ethiopia’s impoverished children and adults, HIV victims as well as the sick and infirmed. His vision, to change the community from the inside-­‐out, one person at a time by providing a moral anchor tethered to conventional material and medical aid.

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At first glance, the typical Direngie (Amharic world for “foreigner”) might only see the extreme poverty that exists. To Dundee and his staff and unrelenting volunteers they saw a vision of hope. A vision born to reality that has opened up a safe, secure and constructive environment for the development of under privileged children and youths while encouraging and strengthening family and community relationships. In a little over five years focused on sustainability, consistency, inclusion and efficiency this team delivers every day to this impoverished community a school educating over 70 children, a community center, training and jobs for over 100 women, access and advocacy to healthcare for the lepers and HIV victims, as well as basic food and shelter for those living in Korah.

Dedicated to believing that within each individual is a gift and talent that can be shared and when that gift is uncovered people have a sense of hope and opportunity, blooming from the inside out. Strong Hearts Ethiopia lives, works, ministers and plays in the Korah community, each day strengthening the bonds of purpose and hope for all that live nestled among the countries wealthiest, most affluent neighbors. Orchids supports our partner Strong Hearts Ethiopia.

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