Katungu Village Permanent Classroom/Dorm Campaign


From very humble beginnings the Katungu experiment has delivered consistent positive results. It has not been easy. No mission requests have been challenged more often by Orchid, than Katungu. The dream of a very young man, Mathew Biryomumeisho, who saw his own life start on this rock plateau in the district of Rubanda Uganda, has never faltered. He has accepted our slow steps in providing support as we observed for seven years his ability to leverage community assets and work on sustainable deliverables. He has faced flooding, family tragedy, drought and the typical odds associated with improving the lives of children who once had no hope for a brighter future. He established sustainable farming and livestock programs, dug latrines, built rain water wells and erected much needed temporary infrastructures to educate the children of Katungu. All of these efforts and more, are today, paying dividends.

Katungu currently educates 303 children through grade seven. Two hundred and four (204) are girls and half are orphans. Now they need to replace the temporary structures that are unfit for this many children with an 11 classroom permanent facility that will also provide a vocational training course set.

The girls of Uganda are particularly vulnerable to early marriage, forced labor, aids, and sex work. Katungu’s education program intends to reduce these incidents through awareness training and graduating girls that have needed skills for employment. You can help.

The Goal: $47,000.00

The Timeline: 6 months

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