Sunrise Dormitories Phase 1 & 2 Completed

The first phase of the project was completed ahead of schedule. Thanks to dry weather and the tireless energy of the men of the community, the foundation was dug and poured, completely by hand. All by the second of October. Phase 2 began right away and was finished an astounding 2 weeks later!

It’s almost unimaginable that this work is completed without heavy equipment of any kind. All by paid local labor from within the village. Your donations not only build a future for younger generations they are providing a path for employment and security right now.

That is the good news

Now we need help getting phase 3 kicked off. We have received a generous $4000.00 contribution by an Orchid angel who has helped our communities since 2012. Thanks to this gift and another $1000.00 arriving recently we are halfway to phase 3 and then we will be half-way to the completed project!!!

Will you help? We hope so.






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