New Youth Center Planned at Shepherd Hood Ministries

  It is still a dream but now there are Angels in the architecture for this Youth Center in Mwingi Kenya. Pastor Simon Muvengei and Orchid are committed to get the funding necessary to build a facility like the one pictured and deliver a much needed brick and mortar sanctuary for the youth of this [...]


Want to Sleep Better?

  As a kid when I had trouble sleeping my mother taught me to count sheep. Count sheep I thought….why would I do that? So I tried it and fell asleep. When I got older my wife told me I should think of something soothing. A place or a memory that that could take my [...]


“The Almighty is his guiding light in all its activities”.

Those words open the latest letter from our beloved Milton Torres and his Mahanaim Mission in the Cordoba district of Colombia making it clear that your work is His work and His work like yours is the work of LOVE. In the investment report sent to Orchid Milton tells us “We are enjoying the benefits [...]