Want to Sleep Better?

  As a kid when I had trouble sleeping my mother taught me to count sheep. Count sheep I thought….why would I do that? So I tried it and fell asleep. When I got older my wife told me I should think of something soothing. A place or a memory that that could take my [...]


“Julies Heart Mission” captures rain and quenches thirst

It didn’t take long thanks to a few Orchids of Light who wanted to help a community in Uganda harvest the rain and provide drinking water for the children who used to have to walk over 5 miles every day to find water. Mathew Biryomumeish; Director of the Katungu Village Project writes: “Hello to the [...]


13 Women owned businesses launched in Ethiopia

  Micro Savings Initiative Delivered with an Orchid $4800.00 Grant: $80.00 provided a micro savings grant to 20 women. Total goal $1600.00 Learn a Trade Empowerment: $200.00 purchased a sewing machine and supplies for 6 women. Total goal $1200.00 $500.00 purchased hairdressing equipment and supplies for 4 women. Total goal $2000.00 Thank You to all the Orchids of Light who made it [...]


Real freedom

As an American, I am very proud of my nation’s history and the independence we celebrate each year on July 4th.  Living now in France, I have also been caught up in patriotic parades on July 14.  ”Bastille Day”, as known among English speakers, is the the French National Day, commemorating the beginning of the [...]


The Incomperable Lady Di

Diane hails from Whales, is a semi-retired trauma care nurse and was, as are so many seekers, moved by something unknown to pack up a suitcase full of medical supplies and fly it, along with herself to Ethiopia. She wanted to volunteer somewhere in Africa and the reports about the relative safety of this country [...]