Stories of Success: Project Playground

In March of 2013 Orchid launched 12 campaigns in support of it’s missions. Each with a $5000 goal.

One of those campaigns was to help build a playground for the children of the Mahanaim community of Rabo Largo Columbia.

You can read more about the need, vision and project here:

Thanks to an outpouring of support from angels like you, together we were able to reach that financial objective and build that playground.

And most importantly bring smiles to the faces of the beautiful children of Cordoba Colombia.

We are thrilled to share some recent photos from “Where will the Children Play” as well as a letter of appreciation and gratitude from Milton Torres Florian, the founder of the Ministry Mahanaim.

You will also see a few of the pictures showing the process of completing the playground.  To see the rest of the photos, please click on the link below:


Friends of Orchids,

This story of success is why we believe in what YOU are doing.  You and Orchid working together to accomplish life-changing goals.

“Where will the Children Play” is an example of why you and Orchid are necessary in the philanthropic community. Without our partnership this transformation would never have found a voice and where there are now slides and swings there would still be dirt.

Orchid grows of the radar communities out of sight of the global philanthropic community and you make them bloom.

There are Orchid communities all across the globe just waiting for your support and encouragement.

Your dream of philanthropy fulfills their dreams of transformation.

Thank you all for helping this dream come true!


Beloved brothers and friends
family and Orchids Light FoundationWe hope and pray to God that your prayers in our lives, families and activities are filled with His love, grace and wisdom.
Beloved, this time I am writing to you to pay them the report because the development of the recreational park for children in the community in the region of Rabo Largo (Córdoba ) at the premises of the Ministry Mahanaim – La Hacienda .Grateful to have received his big gesture of love we hope the pictures posted are true evidence of your investment , not only for the item purchased and built , but mainly by the immense happiness that reflect the children in the region , as the awe and admiration of the rest of the population, to have a recreational space like this near your home .We have heard the testimony of adult gratitude , as we have also seen an adult for a moment to enjoy this space as if that would have an expected childhood dream fulfilled .Our heart rejoices; happy to see the face and the enthusiasm of those attending the inauguration.Brothers , this experience was an adventure of faith, love , effort and value , from the moment we receive notice of the offering until the inauguration of the work performed. Budget performance by some of the material acquired in Barranquilla and another in the city of Monteria and then had the challenge of moving all materials to the program in the region of Rabo Largo. God bless . Hallelujah, for helping us in this project ! Then a commission of six workers (men and youth) of Barranquilla we set in 4 days, complete the development of the recreational park with their finishes ( paint).The Lord is very good !Beloved, none of those who participated in any way in this work go unrewarded . Thank you very much !We hope it is great present and eternal joy , the fruit of your planting projects in community investment made through this ministry.
Waiting on God , very soon and visit your communication ..
Sincerely,Milton E. F. Torres , family and ministry Mahanaim

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