Ten reasons why he was the first and the greatest blogger for Social Transformation of all time.

  Not sure who “he” is? Well I’m going to go out on a limb here and argue it was Saint Paul. Oh sure some of you will want to suggest that it was Aristotle, or Plato, or some other B.C. dude or dudette that has gone down in history as being pretty influential with […]


The Cost of Philanthropy

I do a lot of reading of other professional blogs that keep me up to speed on what successful foundations are doing. Theses blogsĀ  focus on a variety of non-profit topics including social media, fundraising, celebrity charities, tax issues, and sometimes the causes themselves. Inevitably there is always an article on how a certain organization […]


Xanax anyone?? Make mine a double

When you decide to write a blog nobody reads it’s quite a test of your self-confidence and sense of worth. The energy and tribulation put into the writing means a lot to the person writing it but precious little to everyone else. No problem with that; it just is. I’ve always wondered how successful bloggers […]


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