Xanax anyone?? Make mine a double

When you decide to write a blog nobody reads it’s quite a test of your self-confidence and sense of worth. The energy and tribulation put into the writing means a lot to the person writing it but precious little to everyone else. No problem with that; it just is.

I’ve always wondered how successful bloggers do it. How do they get their fans? What exactly are they writing about and what cord did they strike with the masses? Did they sell their soul to the devil or did they get their start by answering all the spam they received in their comments section?

I typically receive about 200 or so comments a week. Pretty awesome huh? I would have thought so except every last one of them is trying to alert the readers I don’t have to their fake Gucci bags, online cheap sneakers, cosmetic knockoffs, and truckloads of Soma, tramadol and Xanax. If everyone out there is actually taking all these drugs we are eventually in store for far worse than any fiscal cliff can deliver.

As I get my second life into gear in my adopted new country where everyone speaks funny I can’t help but wonder if any of this matters. I must be barking mad and off my rocker or worse. Just take a look at my Facebook reach and how the people talking about it just keeps dropping. I mean I’ve become a real bore, right? Problem is no one except the spammers are sending me anything to go by.

So for now I’ll just keep keep telling short stories about real people fighting for an education, clean water, shelter from the rain, freedom from child abuse, and the right to be treated equally to anyone who is not out there listening. By the way, about that Xanax; make mine a double.


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