The Sun always sets

As the month of November draws to a close, another Orchid campaign ends, and out partner profile prepares to change I am reminded that the Sun always sets. It sets if it is obscured by clouds, rain or snow and whether or not we can see it’s fiery departure.

In Nepal I saw a lot of magnificent sunsets. All of them with mountain horizons and distances of great height and depth pronounced in great edification. None of them anything less than spectacular.

Today this reminded me that every great process has a beginning and an end. Every individual human endeavor, sorrow, achievement, struggle, elation, pain, laughter, and weeping all one day come to a close. The time lapsed to reach that point is extinguished forever.

Before our suns set we have a great opportunity to look back over where we have been and what has been the result of that time here on the planet. As humans we are the only creatures on earth who have demonstrated that we can change future destinies by reflecting on what has transpired as the sun of time closes in on the horizon. We effect that change by the actions we take to improve the time that will claim tomorrow.

In our lifetime we are given only one sunrise and one sunset and it is in the time between that we leave our mark on our families, communities, and maybe even future generations of global proportion.  Big or small we prepare the way for who and what comes next and become a perfect fit in the perfect puzzle of creation. Your ripple in the wellspring of life, no matter what the size, is pregnant with consequence.

As I am reminded of all life’s ripples I want to especially thank all the amazing people who stepped forward this past month and in one way or another prepared Orchid for another beautiful sunset. You are Orchid and you raised over $7000.00 that will build an education annex for the 70 children of Mahanaim Cordoba Colombia. Orchid especially wishes to bend its stem in one giant bow of humble gratitude to a wonderful taproot team who have accounted for close to half of this years miracle.

YOU all have deepened the roots of Orchid with your gifts and YOU have made it possible for another group of sacred human lives to prepare for a new sunrise with a brighter promise of tomorrow. You are incredible!

If you missed our #GivingTuesday campaign don’t worry. We are going to leave our challenge to fund the solar power generator in Peru open until the end of December. We are only a short distance away from raising enough to make the sun rise on that dream as well. We’re postponing the sunset on that wish for the time being.

In order to highlight the community Orchid is raising support for in December we will be focusing the spotlight on our partner “Path of The Heart” this Christmas season. We invite you to take a moment to learn about their amazing work.

So as the sun sets on your amazing journey of today Orchid and I wish you Namaste and thank you for being the star you really are.

God Bless and Thanks from everyone at Orchid



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