The Gift that keeps on giving….

One of my favorite movies is called Christmas Vacation, starring Chevy Chase.


In this holiday hit, a very dysfuncational family attempts to host the “perfect” Christmas, only to have all of the plans fall part and mayhem almost ruin this joyous celebration.  Near the end of the movie, the main character, Clark Griswold is anxiously anticipating the arrival of his Christmas bonus check only to discover that this year, instead of money, his company enrolled him into the jelly-of-the-month club.  Still in a state of confusion and anger, his cousin-in-law Eddy tries to help by chiming in “Clark, that’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.”

You can view this scene on YouTube by clicking the link below

Christmas Vacation

Of course we know that a membership to a jelly club was not what the Griswold family wanted for Christmas.  However, there are gifts that truly do keep giving the whole year.

Even though Christmas Day is over, now begins the festive season known as Christmastide, or The Twelve Days of Christmas. In the Christian tradition, this begins on Christmas Day and concludes with the feast of Epiphany, marking the visit of the wise men to Jesus.

Christians throughout the centuries have used this time following the birth of Christ to focus on giving gifts, but also giving of themselves to others and God as acts of worship.

I invite you to be creative and find ways that you may serve and give to others in these next 12 days as a continuation of that most blessed Christmas Spirit.

I also invite you to thoughtfully consider how you may partner with Orchids this season in providing real gifts that will indeed last the whole year.  Gifts of energy, light, education, housing, computer literacy, food, and empowerment are valuable gifts that will not be returned to the department store or discarded by January.

All around the world, Orchids of Light partners with organizations and ministries reaching out to those in need and doing their best to make a difference that will last.

We have worked hard this year to raise as much awareness and funds as possible to help these organizations reach their goals of giving to others.

You can view our 2013 progress so far and perhaps consider helping reach our goals for the year.

Will YOU help be a part of these transformations this season and give a gift that that will keeps on giving the whole year?


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