How do You and Orchid electrify the world with change?

Answer: How about by a “transformer-ation” of a community in Colombia?

That’s exactly what a group of Orchid roots did when they stepped up and donated part of their treasure to provide electric lighting to a community in darkness.  Their power of love generated $5000.00  for a new annex and an electrical hookup on an existing building that Orchid roots helped kick-start in May 2012. Can you imagine how all that was accomplished for only $5000.00!

  How does the Foundation ensure our Orchid Roots that 100% of their gift was used for the transformation they donated to?

Answer: Drum roll please….By bringing you the story and the pictures of the projects successful completion.  Just Look around this blog for the glorious pictures of success!

  How do You emPOWER a Community?

  Answer: By teaching the men and women living in it  how to erect the poles, hang the hardware, wire the system and turn on the switch.

  How do You ensure you can complete the project under budget?

By using the assets of the community you support and hiring the adults that live there to  manage and run the construction team.


  How do You reduce transportation costs?

Answer: Use what God places on your doorstep and then refuel him with

biodegradibal green energy.

How do You make children laugh?

Answer:  By becoming an Orchid root and making it possible for Your sponsored children to watch educational and entertaining video’s for the first time in their lives. By giving these kids a chance at dignity and self worth. By transforming despair into delight.

   How do you transform-er a community?

Answer: By becoming a root of Orchid.

  Any more questions? 


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This amazing transformational event took less than one month to accomplish once 100% of the money donated was delivered less than thirty days after it was received. It is a story about why small organizations like Orchid can be flexible, reliable and effective. It’s a story about how it only takes a few angels to make heaven on earth for people who have no other advocates. It’s a story of accomplishment, love, compassion and change. Its a story about how Orchids bloom in the badlands of Cordoba Colombia at the miraculous Mahanaim mission there.  It’s a story about effective giving and real Philanthropy; “the love of humankind”. It could be a story about you.


Thank You Roots of Orchid for shinning light into where there was once only darkness. YOU are TRANSFORMERS!


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