Sincerity is when appearance and reality are exactly the same


I’ve often asked myself if I am in fact sincere in all the things I say and do on a day to day basis. Have I walked the talk or have I instead made a misstep or two along the way. I have to admit that I have stumbled but I can recognize when I do because I have made a habit of calling myself out whenever it happens. Even when I am sharing advice or my opinion I can often hear my asking myself the question; is this comment reflective of your own actions or is it actually wishful thinking. Oswald tells us that “sincerity is when appearance and reality are exactly the same”. That’s a sobering reminder for me that I have to work at living that truth every day. It doesn’t come without effort. When I envisioned starting Orchid over a year ago I set out to build a sincere example of a giving institution. It’s why I decided that at it’s core Orchid would always give 100% of the money it raises away and that the money needed to sustain it’s operations would have to come from elsewhere. It was my way of promising every sponsor and advocate of Orchid that we would always be sincere in our approach and everyone at Orchid would indeed walk the talk. I will continue to ask myself daily if my sincerity actually meets the Oswald test and I am joyful that I rest comfortably at night knowing that Orchid was built on a foundation of appearance being reality. You can join Orchid in a nationwide action of sincerity and compassion by participating in #givingtuesday on November 27th. Email us to learn more


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