Life can be slippery when wet

coffee and hot chocolate

I am now in Ponferrada, it is very lovely small city.Yesterday when I woke up I returned to the bar in Asorga, and had my first cup of coffee. When I arrived I saw David; the man I met at his small cottage in the middle of nowhere offering free food and drink to passers by. Evidently he jogged the 6 km to the city so he could have his first hot chocolate of the day. We had a lovely conversation and I am really happy that I met him again because he is a very, very spiritual man. As we spoke he gave me some interesting advice about life and about me. It is just the universe.:) The walking yesterday was a little more difficult because we started to climb back into the mountains. here I stayed in the village of Foncebadon at about 1400 meters.

Here I had a really good dinner, and I met a girl from Germany.. We had a nice conversation together. Today the walking was very beautiful in the mountains but the way down was very dangerous as the footing was quite slippery with a lot of loose stones and rock. Every step was risky and now I am very grateful I did not fall. I realize now as I walk that every step is important and it is possible that if I were to make the wrong one I could break my leg and prematurely end my time on “the way”. I want to thank everyone who has made a donation to Orchid. I am very happy. .Have good day everybody I am off to find something to eat!

ready for the next chapter


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