Back to the Future

Ana and Orchid Social Media Specialist Aurore Dandoy pose for a prewalk photoAt least one of the people in this photo is excited about the journey....

It’s difficult to get photo’s from the Camino as there are few places that provide enough internet bandwidth to get them from the Camino to the rest of the world.

A big Beuno Camino Smile

but we managed to get a few as she prepared to start her walk. Ana is now about half way across the Camino! She has met a really good guy named Luis from Spain.and they spend a lot of their time together. He’s been Ana’s doctor taking care of her blisters, camera and pharmacy needs.

At last check she was in the town of  Granon. Her blisters are better, she walked much more easily than in other days. She’s reconnected with John from the USA who she met on the first day of her journey. She remarks that “I always have one angel who take care of me and here is so many beautiful cities, and land, and small towns. Today I will sleep in a monestary which is a very beautiful place. We will celebrate mass and afterwards have dinner”. It’s been two days since she saw Bob.

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