Three Years in the Making and Orchid’s Deliver

Its time to set the table and raise your glass to the long awaited dream come true for our mission in Albania because you made it possible. Back in 2011 Orchid spent time in Tirana with Altin Qefalia; the mission director of Experiment Albania. He shared his dream of one day building a volunteer house that would make it possible to raise financial and sweat equity to make a difference in this country emerging from years under the thumb of a dictator. During those years Albanians suffered significantly especially orphaned children and the very poor of the countryside. When democracy arrived in 2000 Altin saw an opportunity to help his country and make a difference in the lives of those who had struggled most during the communist regime. This was a sustainable project that once funded would stand on its own and be able to continue without any outside assistance. It met the most basic of the Orchid criteria; Self-sustainability. Orchid promised to help and in 2012 raised just enough money to purchase a washing machine. It stood alone in the box until 2015 when Orchids like you had raised and delivered almost $10,000.00 to the cause. 

Now that washing machine has a home and it is ready to receive the result of the sweat equity that will be living there. That equity will be delivered by young men and women who come from all over the world to teach uneducated children how to read and write, build housing for those living without a roof, and transform Albania into a better place.

Of all the projects Orchids of Light tackled this may be the most impressive. It took a long time but no one lost faith and no one gave up. The dream lived on in the Balkans and it was felt here in the U.S. Orchids of Light stepped up and time and time again and sent the money necessary to raise the house up from the rubble where it began. Now it stands as a testament to commitment, fortitude and compassion. Congratulations on another miracle!



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