The road is long the internet spotty but angels do exist

Hello everyone. Yesterday I again sent you all a loooonnngggg email but it failed to get delivered. 🙁 Today I am in small village after walking 32 km. I was so distressed over the 1 hour mail that never made it I visited a monastery and inside were 3 nuns, and one of them took care of my blisters. Again the angels were waiting for me.

angels wear white

Then afterwards we sang together and celebrated mass where the priest gave us a blessing for good walking,and after mass we all had dinner together. Two nuns were from Peru and one from Spain. I think.they really were angels.Today I walked much easier than usual, I suppose that is because the nun treated my blisters.I must tell you also that sometimes when I think back on the 8 hours of walking I don’t remember what I was thinking all the time. I just forget.and focus on where I am at the moment . Right now it is in a very small alberge, with less than 10 people staying here. It often can be 40 people or more.I will try to send you some more mails, when I will catch again some wi-fi.In 2 days I should be in Leon-this is big city,where is half way to Santiago. Hug from me;Ana

after a blister well healed


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