That Really Got my Goat! (An Updated Message for 2014)


When we hear the phrase ‘that really gets my goat” we typically think of something that upsets us.

It’s a term most often used to describe a negative event or action that raised the hairs on the back of our neck.

Not so at Orchids mission in the desert region of Kenya just south of the Ethiopian Frontier.

Here at Shepherd Hood Ministry it means that a young man or woman has been given a chance to make something of themselves in a region of Africa where most children and adolescents believe there is little or no hope for a future.

“That really gets my Goat” is a phrase that like the Baobab Tree of this region is turned upside down on its head.

“Getting my goat” means that a lost youth is miraculously empowered with the ability and responsibility to make something of himself. In this case continue an education in High School.

All of this was made possible when the Reverend Simon Muvengei set out on a mission to change the way young boys and girls see themselves. He accomplishes this by educating, enlightening and empowering them to action.

In this ambitious program Shepherd Hood trains and sends Christian mentors into the field to bring Love, Courage and Hope all carried on four tiny legs that will provide food and finance to youths that had nothing.

“Getting my Goat” means these children who are approaching the end of primary school now have a means to pay for High School; which is not free in Kenya. The kids accomplish this by initially selling the milk from the animals they receive as a grant from Shepherd Hood and then overtime breed more goats to build a productive business. This program has garnered much success already and is a model in other African nations.

Simon’s dream is ambitious but it is a self-sustaining program that provides a financial return aimed first at education and then afterwards is an incubator for financial stability.

He launched the program after months of interviews when he discovered that the young adolescents of this region were turning to violence and wasteful activities because of the hopelessness they experienced when they were incapable of paying for a secondary education; without which there is virtually no chance of finding your place in the world.

This multi-year program enlists not only the youths themselves but parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers and mentors into a community project that leverages the assets of each village.

But each goat comes with a catch. In order to get it you must be a member of Rev. Simons youth group and attend regular Christian ministry meetings. Simon delivers a one two punch of God and Human Compassion that leads to Hope and Salvation.

These goats carry the message that “You are loved and have a purpose” and the finances raised from the milk sales and herd production are used exclusively to pay the 17500ksh required to receive a secondary education.

In 2013 Orchid roots have purchased twenty eight (28) goats; ten of which came in the last two weeks of 2013.

Would you like to help send another four hooves to young boys and girls who are hoping they will be trampled with the opportunity to work hard to “Goat to school”?

If you do we will follow your child and their family on Facebook and our Website so you can watch your investment “get goating“.

2014 can be your year to really “Goat For It!!”

Thank You


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