Spring Update from the Field

   At Mahanaim; one of Orchid’s Missions in Colombia work continues to develop the community in Cerete. Milton thanks all The Orchids of light for the support that has grown crops, established work and erected buildings, like this one that nears completion at the Rabolargo project. All this is done so the smallest of the community can live a dignified life. This year don’t forget that they continue to need your help to deliver the miracles God intends for them. Visit here to read the details of their 2014 grant request. As Milton writes in his most recent email: “La mies es mucha y los obreros pocos, ayúdenos a orar al Señor de la mies para que siempre tenga obreros dispuestos a su mies.
“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few, help us pray to the Lord of the harvest to always have willing workers into his harvest.”


At Experiment Albania your work from across the Atlantic has made it possible for the lavatories to appear at the volunteer house that gets closer and closer to completion. Altin Qefalia, the programs director, shares with all of you that this truly self-sustaining project would not have been possible without all The Orchid’s of Light who have donated to build it. Once finished it will house the volunteers who will fund it’s on going mission to provide financial and educational support to the many orphanages that exist in the capital city of Tirana. We still have work to do and you can get involved by clicking on this years campaign.




At our wonderful project Shepherd Hood Ministries in Kenya, young women are receiving the hygienic dignity girls in the west take for granted. Here this simple gift can be the difference between a girl attending school or not. Now with the help of Shepherd Hood and Orchids of Light like you, these young women are staying in class and getting the education that will free them from the bondage of ignorance. Join us in 2014 and help Shepherd Hood bring your compassion to the under served youth of Africa. Thank You!






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