Small Grants Giant Outcomes



It doesn’t take a million dollar grant to deliver incredible change. It just takes you.

Orchid never set out to raise a lot of money and it was born of a simple creed: “Give away all the money raised and follow the gift into the hand of the needy”. That principal has never changed and the outcomes of that simple philosophy have surpassed even our wildest imagination. Every year we participate in programs brought to us by familiar and new philanthropic missions around the world as  well as here in the U.S. all of which are focused on making the lives of people in great need a little better. The focus can be on many challenges including education, healthcare, housing, Christian outreach, job creation, hunger alleviation, poverty remediation or in the case of Experiment Albania’s recent reaction to flooding in Albania, disaster relief.

The recent $500.00 grant that was sent to help a community in Albania was nothing in comparison to the hundreds of millions of dollars distributed by well established and critically important large charitable organizations around the world but I would argue it’s impact was just as significant. The reason  is that it was focused on a challenge no one else noticed and on families who’s lives are just as important as anyone’s on the planet including our own. Thanks to Orchid supporters like you those lives were made a little better and those familes are feeling a weight lifted off their shoulders. For them we might as well be “World Vision”.

What that money purchased was simple and re-cycled:

Second hand furniture (chairs, couches, PC, TV, mattresses, wardrobe) and Clothes (scarfs, gloves & hats) and some Christmas presents for the children of the affected community.

It proves that next to nothing can amount to next to everything and that not unlike the five loaves and two fish its a story of compassion for a people we don’t know but whom we should care deeply about and be determined to share a little of what we have with.



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