Our School in Jaipur is nearly Finished.

You have made tremendous progress since we started in 2012. Once just a flat plain of sand and now a real school making a world of difference. Orchids of Light like you helped drill the well, build the security wall and furnish the building. Now we are only $55K away from finishing phase 2 of the project. The first phase of construction of the Stars of India building was completed in May 2016, and the facility is currently used to run a Christian youth camp for the Bhatt children.  The youth camp is a great success; the children are thrilled and blessed.

We can help finish the second phase of construction as soon as we have more Orchids that step up and make a difference. Can you be one of them? It just takes the heart you have and the will of love to make it possible. Here’s what you build:

1.  The basement which will be used for kids indoor games, specifically for times when it will be to hot to play outside.
2. Principals office
3. Staff office
4. Library
5. Rest room attached laundry room.
6. 3 Class rooms

Join me and complete another Orchid project that will stand and transform lives long after we are gone. With God and together we can do all things!


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