Mahanaim – Barranquilla, Colombia

2017 Campaign:

Reclaiming the Land

The flooding today is still a major problem for our distressed coastal community in Colombia. Climate Change is real and we see the results each year as rising sea levels affect low lying land mass. The Mahanaim community in Barranquilla can not move so we want to help them weather the challenges they face. In 2016 we sent 50% of the funding necessary to complete the flood mitigation. This year we want to complete the grant.

100% of your donation will go directly to raising all the buildings out of harms way in this amazing community. It will take about $5000.00 dollars more to resolve this environmental challenge and we are determined to raise the balance before spring. With your help we will give this community another step up and keep their hopes and dreams aloft. Please support how you can and make prayer a daily investment in Mahanaim.

The director of the project; Milton Torres, explains how the money will be spent:

Barranquilla, March 10, 2017.

Very beloved Rich brother, family and Orchid Light Foundation.
Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who blessed us with all spiritual blessing in his Son and made us share in all his promises for this life and the future. Amen
For us it is a cause of much praise and adoration to God, to know that we have brothers and friends like you who remember us for love of Him, and not only that, but according to the grace that God allows in their hands they give us Generously your material support allowing us to overcome weaknesses in our physical plant and create more dignified conditions.
Dear Brothers, this is the investment table of the administrative offices which you sent us 50% of the money

INVESTMENT TABLE in Colombian Peso’s

1000 Blocks $ 1,500 $ 1,500,000
85 Cement $ 30,000 $ 2,550,000
2 Volco of sand building $ 200,000 $ 400,000
2 Granco Volcano $ 350,000 $ 700,000
50 Rod 3/8 $ 8,000 $ 400,000
20 Rods 1/8 $ 4,000 $ 80,000
12 Tables $ 20,000 $ 240,000
3 Box of nails 2 “$ 3,000 $ 9,000
3 Nail Box 3 “$ 4,000 $ 12,000
2 Box of nails steel 3 “$ 6,000 $ 12,000
4 Cuñete de Pintura blanca $ 150,000 $ 600,000
1 gallon oil paint $ 30,000 $ 30,000
4 Brushes 4 “$ 7,000 $ 28,000
2 Brushes 2 “$ 3,000 $ 6,000
3 Rolls of wire X100 mts electro $ 150,000 $ 450,000
2 Insulating Tapes $ 5,000 $ 10,000
20 Fills of sand filled $ 50,000 $ 1,000,000
1 Gallon of tiner $ 10,000 $ 10,000
150 Screws mooring ceiling $ 1,000 $ 150,000
3 boxes wood staples $ 3,000 $ 9,000
Labor $ 4,000,000
Duration of the work 5 Weeks $ –
TOTAL $ 1,035,500 $ 12,196,000

About Mahanaim

When a successful lawyer has three dreams exhorting him to give up his successful practice and trade his robes in for a sleeping bag so he can aid a desperate Barrio in Barranquilla Colombia Mahanaim is born. Milton Torres arrives in the slums of this populace city with nothing more than the bag on his back and candy for the children of the street. In six years he builds a school and a church with no outside aid of any kind until the organization Compassion International notices his miracle and helps find sponsors for some of the 460 children he supports in this community of over 1000.

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Now twelve years later he and his team provide education, moral mentoring, food, clothing and a chance for a life never before possible. With the unparalleled success of the Barranquilla project up and running Milton is not content to rest on his laurels. Instead he sets his sights on a small impoverished community in the interior of the country. Cerete; located deep in the countries badlands of Cordoba, one of the bloodiest counties nationwide due to the abundance of groups outside the law, becomes the next target of his calling card and he sets out again, alone, with just the sleeping bag, tent and candy that provided the foundation for his first miracle. Now the project operating for just over a year has built a school, dug fields full of corn and beans and is teaching the young and old alike what it takes to become self- sufficient and lead a life of love not lawlessness. There is much more to do to expand the school, provide aid to the sick and infirmed, continue teaching the children and mentoring the adults on how to survive with dignity on their own. Mahanaim stands out as one of the miracles of Philanthropy.