More Great News from Peru

Donations from Orchid Roots and other supporters from around the world contributed to this “Mission Accomplished” event. Thank You!

A letter From Washi and the Illumination of many Hearts and Homes in the Andes.

In the past weekend with the Help of Path of The Heart and The Orchids of Light Foundation it was possible to change in the most positive ways the lives of 10 families in the mountains of the Andes.
We were able to purchase and deliver solar LED lights that help provide basic lighting needs for the families and  better education possibilities for the children.
Our goal of providing this source of energy to all the communities of this area is being accomplished little by little.
Our journey started at 3 a.m. in the morning as we made our way to the community of the Charcahuaylla at 15000 feet in the mountains. This took us 5 hours to hike and we used horses to carry the lights.
David the 7 years old boy with his father Richard where good guides to their community.
When we arrived the mothers and most of the children were taking care of their animals in the hills, even their dogs were not there, you could see them far away.
We have selected these villages because their geographical location prohibits them from every receiving conventional electric lines and without solar power they would not receive this everyday common experience for those of us living closer to sea level.
For our mission to be successful it is important that you help to continue bringing lights to families like them.
Thanks you so much.
Everyone in the community shares their appreciation to you with their smile.
Every night when they turn on their solar lights they think of you and hold a big space in their hearts for you.
Good day. Washi.

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