In Loving Memory of the First “Orchid of Light”

There really isn’t anything I can write that would do justice to the memory of Orchid’s Co-Founder; Julie Beliel.

Julie was a woman who’s smile entered the room first and lingered until all the faces in that room reflected it back to each other.

Julie was a tornado of energy and resolve. If she made up her mind to do something she would not rest until it was accomplished.

Without her unwavering dedication this Foundation would not exist.

While I was tramping across the globe and busy dreaming up all the crazy ideas for how Orchid would operate once it lived she was sludging through the paperwork with the state of New Hampshire and pouring through the federal documentation required to get our 501C3. Something I would have been hopeless at accomplishing. Orchid would have no life without her breath.

Although her business acumen and dedication to detail were critical to our existence it was the beat of her heart that pounded life into our mission.

On more than one occasion; when the waters were rougher than I had been prepared for and I was ready to hang it up Julie talked me off the ledge and together, thousands of miles apart, we kept moving forward; together.

We didn’t always agree mind you. In fact when our two energy fields collided there were often sparks. I knew they were inevitable the first day I met her in September of 2010 at Brian’s Pour House in Hood River Oregon. What I could not imagine was that we would eventually collaborate on a mission-impossible and dream together of how we could do God’s work for communities we hadn’t even met yet.

I can not begin in this homage to re-play the countless moments of magic that occurred in the two years we spent working side by side; one of which while we were continents apart. But I hope to share those moments over time in future posts.

The Miracles I can share with you are pasted on all the pages of this web-site. Julie’s hand is in all of them and her touch will remain a part of every future miracle that takes place.

Julie was our first Orchid of Light and her bloom burns bright in all our hearts.

Thank You Julie.

We love you.

May your table be full with an Eternity well deserved.




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