Hoping for a flood of love for Mahanaim

It’s easy to see why our dear friend Milton Torres and Mahanaim Barranquilla has reached out to Orchid this month for help. The mission is literally underwater. It happens every time the rainy season arrives here on the north west coast of Colombia in Barranquilla. When it floods here the buildings become virtually useless as most have earthen floors and even the ones that don’t are impossible to work in. I witnessed this first hand in 2011 and now Milton has reached out and asked for our help to complete the work we began in 2016. Milton writes:

Dearly beloved brothers, Rich, family and Orchids of Light Foundation.
May the Lord continue working His favor with much grace, love and mercy upon each of you, your family and activities.
Dear brother, thank you very much for your attention to our reports and requests, thanks for letting us touch your open door. That is a very big blessing for us. The Lord listens to you as you listen to us. Thank you!!! God allows us to honor each person in some way through the support of his right hand. Thank you!!!
We know that the budget is high, but it is what it takes to finish raising the infrastructure of the institution in the area that is affected by the entry of rain water during each rainy season.Our request is now urgent and we hope Orchids can help.
Brothers and Sisters of Orchid, your help and support and your desire for us is a miracle that we know comes from the hand of God through you.
I thank God, for your generosity towards us and I know that no contribution is small and that all add up to a total of great importance and each comes from prayer to material assistance.

The love that we have already professed feeds us. Thank you!!!

We love you very much!


The total cost that remains to raise all the buildings above flood level is only $5000.00. Here in the U.S. it would cost ten times that amount. Orchid needs your help to end  the flooding at this most amazing mission. Will you join with us and help send a flood of love and relief to Mahanaim and be the answer to their prayers for assistance? 

Thank You and God Bless

Rich and The Orchids of Light




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