Ending Poverty One Transaction at a Time

THE SAME HEART is a film that tackles the truth about what it will take to actually end the kind of extreme poverty that our world’s children are inheriting. We need alternatives to our complicated and voluntary aid system where most countries, our own included, deliver less than half the funds we have pledged.

This will be a landmark film about truly ending child poverty. A film that began production five years ago as an attempt to make sense of what Media Voices for Children has seen and experienced during the production of their previous films on child labor and street children.

Way back in 1990, the global community came together in an extraordinary moment to set eight Millennium Development Goals: to end poverty, hunger, fight disease, protect the earth, promote gender equality and create a more equitable planet.

Yet extreme poverty still leaves nearly a billion people hungry and living on less than a dollar a day, forcing 215 million children into child labor and allowing nine million children to die each year from preventable causes.

This inequity must come to an end and you have a chance to be a part of it’s destruction.

In 2013 Orchids of Light like you raised $10,000.00 to help finish this landmark film. Now we need to do it again and raise the additional $15,000.00 that will bring it to a theater near you.

Will you help produce this movie that needs to be seen?

Will you be an Orchid of Light who takes home the Academy award for ending poverty one transaction at a time?

We hope so.

Lights! Camera! Donation!! THE SAME HEART


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