Blisters, Bed Bugs, and Breakdowns….The Camino is no movie

Today when I woke up it was raining, so because of that I left the alberge a little later than usual and I had more stops along the way than what is usual for me. Typically I stop just 2 or 3 times but today it was different.

and the road continues

I walked without physical energy and in the middle of my pace I started to suffer and all the hard things of the Camino filled my mind and my soul. I didn’t see anything positive, everything was dark and I started to cry. I had known for a long time that this day would eventually arrive and that day turned out to be today. After 25 days sleeping in alberges with mostly more than 20 people in the room and stuffed in my sleeping bag sharing it with bugs and being bitten all night long I had reached my limit.

my home away from home

It didn’t stop there. In the morning I itched and the shower was no help. They were filthy and I stood on the dirty floor with my blisters making for a perfect combination of pain and  infection.
After each shower I have to try and keep my underwear from falling into the brown water covering the often dirt floor. Here on the road there is no private life.

no relief

Wherever you go someone is there who knows you and it is difficult to find alone time. Every morning you must pack and carry the food you need for the day because you don’t know when and if you will eat next. I still wash my clothes by hand every day and then pray that the clothes will get dry before I have to depart the net day. My blister hasn’t healed and it needs attention every morning at 6:00 a.m. sharp because everybody wakes up at this time. My 15 kg back pack is my constant companion like it or not and “the weight of all of this” has pushed me to the breaking point.
This is real Camino not the movie “The Way”. There are no Sheens anywhere, just two components; the road and other people on it. I have been talking with the other pilgrims and we all agree that if our Camino was just about walking this would be an easy trek but many don’t understand that all you want after walking for 8 hours a day is a hot shower in your own bathroom and to sleep in nice fresh bed. Let me tell you…..It isn’t happening. I don’ t want to complain because I mostly like it and I am happy for everything; but sometimes moments like today happen and of course this suffering also opened my deep filings and many questions of why I decided to make this journey. I am certain that this is a good experience for me and it will bring me some more new experiences that will help me grow. Yes I am having a real Camino.
That’s enough complaining for one day….Bueno Camino!

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