Ana vs. the release of the Ipod5…etc

Today I read an interesting blog entry by Thomas Frey. Google’s chief futurist at the Davinci Institute.

It’s interesting reading about this addiction to technology we have as Ana continues to walk the remaining 400 kilometers of the Camino de Santiago, alone with herself and the land she’s walking on. It’s in complete contrast to this article talking in part about the corporate need to increase the “gripotine” levels of each new device especially as the droves of human lemmings rush to release a hundred bucks on the Ipod 5 and throw their androids into the landfill of “yesterday’s nirvana”. Hey; I’m not judging I just can’t help but wonder how all that money spent only months ago could have funded countless NGO’s for months and accomplished great change. Sorry folks but it’s true. I reflected how it’s akin to slipping our hands into that box with golden handcuffs. They look and feel great, they give our senses what they crave and they are wired directly to ego and mind. Our technological breakthroughs and our gravitation to every new release of sensory expansion can lead I suppose to the loss of empty space, of Zen and the Tao reference to “Stillness”. Toll writes: “It is the stillness that will save and transform the world.” If he’s right we may very well be heading into the fast lane of “sameness” only believing we are changing because we can see the same phenomenon repeat again and again only faster and faster. For what has this addiction really changed? Are there less impoverished human beings? Is peace closer at hand? Are we becoming more compassionate? Or are we instead more tightly golden handcuffed to the soullessness of mind? Please leave a comment; and yes I’m glad we can addictalaborate….G


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