A ray of hope

Over the past two weeks my family and I have been in New Hampshire at a lake cottage that my grandfather helped build over 60 years ago. This place holds many memories of my childhood and I feel fortunate that I can now bring my two boys to the same place I spent my summers.

One aspect I deeply love about this place is that we are surrounded by natural beauty.  Forests, mountains, clean water  and crisp air are nice changes of scenery from life in the city.  I enjoy rising in the morning when my boys wake up, which is too early for my liking, but I am then able to watch the sun rise from over the mountain range across the bay.

I also love being here when storms roll in.  Being by a large body of water during a storm is both exhilarating and scary at times.  You can see the dark and mysterious clouds forming and ascending overheard as they grow in intensity and darken in color.

Only a few days ago we experienced a tremendous thunderstorm that produced lighting, torrential downpours and wind.  These moments can be unsettling, especially for baby boys and dogs (which I have recently experienced!)

As adults we understand the danger of storms but realize that they will pass within a few hours. When you are younger, the storm becomes your reality and the fear is that it will never get better.  But eventually something magical and mystical happens. A glimmer of light appears, either bursting forth from the stormy clouds or peaking up over the horizon after the evening storm.  The sun offers hope and we can find comfort in the rays of light we see, feel and experience.

 People in our word need these rays of hope.

For so many individuals and communities, they are living in a stormy season of their lives.  For some this is caused by poverty or lack of education while in other regions, religious hostility, civil wars, illness and diseases hover over them like storm clouds.  It is our hope to partner with individuals, families, faith-based institutions, businesses and anyone interested in bringing some light to dark and stormy situations around our world.

At Orchids of Light, it is our desire to assist and serve individuals and communities doing their part globally to make a difference.  Our transformations included areas such as disaster relief, child welfare, hunger alleviation, displaced people, sustainable agriculture and energy, and human rights.

We would love for YOU to learn more about becoming a beacon of light and a ray of hope to those in need.



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