A note from Ana, pre-departure


As I prepare for my journey I am often afraid, but not of a new country or new people or that I will be alone, because I know for sure that I like the company of others too much to feel isolated, and at times I enjoy a sense of solitude. My real fear is of the looming confrontation with myself, and I am afraid that I might quit. I am also afraid that no one will donate to our mission and that it too may fall short of its goals. I know that I have many challenges I will face along “the way,” including my eye that has become infected after an injury to the iris. I still don’t know what happened to it, but when my doctor told me I could lose my sight, I was very frightened. For now it is stable, and I still will leave soon hoping it doesn’t give me trouble along the road. In spite of this, I am still very excited and looking forward to beginning my pilgrimage, to meeting new people, to seeing the beautiful countryside of Northern Spain, and to just being able to breathe in the nature. I am happy to go somewhere on my own. I am happy because I will meet Bob and discover how we will travel together and what it will be like to share part of this journey with him. I am honored that I can partner with Orchid, and that my friends have shown me so much trust and expressed the confidence in me that I will manage to complete my pilgrimage successfully. I hope that Bob and I will enjoy this trek together and that the people who follow us will enjoy it as well. My biggest wish is to learn more about who I am and to make a difference for Orchid in the process.


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