Greg sitting in ATV in woods

Gregory Luscher

Director of Global Development

As a young man Greg received his Business Finance Degree from Lake Erie College in Painesville Ohio and began his career with Arthur Andersen & Co. Today Greg is a First Vice President and Financial Advisor with Morgan Stanley where he invests his time and experience helping individuals, families, and foundations prepare for a brighter future.

Greg’s passion for philanthropy bloomed during his early years traveling and seeking adventure around the world. He quickly recognized the plight of children in lesser developed countries and was determined to leverage his God given gifts to provide a better life for those in need. He subscribes to the basic tenant that when we teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime. His life-long commitment to others began with a sponsorship of two children in Kenya through World Vision and it steadily grew to encompass whole communities around the world and here at home where he has provided support for organizations like the Cleveland Orchestra, Cleveland Opera, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and The City of Lancaster Downtown Library.

Still not satisfied, Greg searched for an opportunity that would allow him to make an even greater impact on fledgling ministries that especially needed his help. We like to think that He and Orchid were always looking for each other, and at the exact time when both were right for a marriage the introduction was made. Now as Orchid’s Director of Global Development, Greg will fill the critical position that Orchid has been praying about since 2012. He will also serve as an officer on Orchids Board of Directors.