Stars of India – Jaipur, India

2017 Campaign:

It’s a matter of Continuing the Vision

Thanks to the generosity of people like you the project has reached phase 2 of it’s completion. The final drive is to raise $62,000.00 to finish the $200,000.00 project. Your gift can make that dream come true. 

Additional work ahead for 2017: 

1.  Complete the basement which will be used for kids indoor games, specifically for times when it will be to hot to play outside.
2. Principal office
3. Staff office
4. Library
5. Rest room attached laundry room.
6. 3 Class rooms

Can you afford to be an ongoing monthly sponsor or a one time angel? $50.00 a month would go a long way to making a positive impact on the project and you can target your gift to any aspect of this initiative. If you believe education is the light that shines on our children’s future then this mission was custom made for you.


The Story of Stars

A young tough (Jaideep) leads a life of self-­indulgence as a brawler on the back streets of Jaipur India until he receives a heaven sent message after an all-­‐night binge. In the weeks that follow this whisper from the Holy Spirit becomes a roar until he finally follows the advice of his Father and spends a day volunteering at the largest slum in the city.

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This walled-in community, hidden from the eyes of the well-­to‐do and international visitors to the Pink City, is home to thousands of Bhat families. They are the direct descendants of the puppet makers for the Maharaja’s. Then as now they are of the lowest cast in India and live in conditions any westerner would find intolerable. When Jaideep enters the slum he is at first repulsed by the conditions of the homes and people living there. But standing among the youngest and most vulnerable of this prison of birthright he is compelled to sit down in their midst. At that moment his life is transformed. Soon after he renounces his former self and volunteers at a Christian outreach working with the Bhat. There he meets Emily and over time they fall in love and become man and wife. Together they pledge their lives to the children of this community the world ignores. Soon after they set up a school at their home and build classrooms out of bamboo and rope. The young hearts that are allowed by their parents to come and hear the good news Jesus brought are taught that they matter, that their dreams can come true, that they possess special abilities unique to them and that by developing these attributes they can leave the slum behind and shine in the world as they were always meant to. The Stars of India are these special children of the Bhat. Jaideep and Emily are committed to a mission that will see these children rise above the lie the world and shine like the stars they are.