Lungala Education Center


Lungala Education Center


The Lungala Education Center is the newest member of the Orchid Family. It is a Nursery and Primary School educational project that intends to provide education, life-skills and soft skills to children and youth in Lungala village, Mpigi district, Uganda. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the children and youth never returned to school due to various reasons including poverty, loss of parents, unemployment, poor health standards, among others. This area is characterized with high rates of HIV/AIDS, low levels of employment, little education facilities and poverty levels are increasing. The project is run and managed by Ms. Nakalema Hasfa +256757384936

They are providing, most especially to orphans and vulnerable children and youth with home-based education, health referrals through clinics to health centers IV’s, soft skills and life skills training to forge a future for them and their families. We have adopted an empowerment approach that encourages guardians and parents within the community to engage and participate in their children’s education, community ownership and economic regeneration. We strive to improve the access to quality education beginning with nursery to primary within the objective of effecting an increase in attendance of school going children, retention and good performance of orphaned and vulnerable children.

It is our wish to build 4 classroom blocks for our community orphans and vulnerable children and youth to provide education in order to eliminate the different challenges in the future for these children and youth. The school will benefit the entire community!

Our Objectives

  • To construct, equip and manage a nursery and primary School in Lungala Village of Mpigi district with the capacity to provide good quality education and enrichment extra curricula activities to 200 children and youth.
  • To nurture and produce curious and happy learners who are flexible in thinking, independent in learning, effective in communication, and innovative.
  • To ensure that the behaviour of students is outstanding and that students show consistently excellent attitudes to learning with a strong desire to do outstandingly well.
  • To actively promote the educational status of the community in which high self-esteem is developed by recognising success, embracing change, being creative and adopting new technology.
  • To create a safe inclusive learning environment, give learning preference to just acquisition of knowledge by ensuring interactive class sessions, develop the desire and aptitude of inquiry, experiment and hypothesis and to take calculated risks.

The Budget: 

School building and Roof: $7000.00

Kitchen Building: $2500.00

Latrine: $2700.00