Sunrise Village Dormitories



The building will be a two story structure which shall house girls
on the first floor and boys on the ground floor.

All together the dormitories will house over 250 students once complete!

The plan is to have a phased construction.
(a) We first construct first construct the lower floor and complete and have the girls occupy
it taking in consideration the precautionary safety procedures.
(b) We than commence on the construct of the upper floor after the completion starting
with construction of a two floor dormitory.
(c) Then basing on the availability of funds we construct a retaining wall against the constant threat of flooding.

The construction will involve 9 stages which can be executed in phases basing on the
availability of funds, the stages include;
1. Preliminaries
2. Substructures
3. Ground Floor walling
4. First floor slab
5. First floor walling

6. Fixing of Doors and windows
7. Finishing works
8. Tiling works
9. Painting works
10. Electrical works
The entire project is estimated at UGX 224,147,000/- (Uganda Shillings Two Hundred and
Twenty-Four Million One hundred forty-seven thousand) Roughly $60,000.00 U.S. 


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