Volunteer Equity

Orchids plans to seek out and place volunteers needed by partner communities to provide services unavailable within the host community itself. These placements will include when applicable a one‐time-fee payable by the volunteer for placement. This fee will go directly to the community where the volunteer is working.

Become an Orchid Volunteer: We’re always looking for talent at Orchid and volunteers who can help us extend our reach and support our communities through advocacy and fundraising. The positions below represent the gifts of people we are looking for today. If you want to help Orchid Bloom send us your resume to orchidsoflight@gmail.com




Reports to: President

Job description

The Communication and Marketing Director promotes the image of the foundation within its defined scope and environment. They define the overall communications strategy and pilot implementation.

Responsibilities Include:

– Setting the strategic communication of the foundation’s image, visibility, and message…

– Defining and creating the social product mix

– Defining the media strategy, editorial and philanthropic design (this includes Orchid’s target market segmentation, email messages, choice of information channels and editorial content…).

– Ensuring the consistency of the Orchid corporate image on all versions of the communication, print and web media or events.

– Looking for ways, networks, or actions to ensure the visibility of the foundation within its environment.

– Leading in the creation and production of the materials for different audiences of the foundation (brochures, kits, posters …).

– Developing innovative communication tools to ensure the visibility into new channels of communication (wiki, mobile, intranet sites, websites …).

– Developing strategy and event-driven public relations, and possibly accompany or represent the leaders when traveling

– Providing media monitoring on the impacts of releases on the foundation.

– Managing the Social Media Specialists, Webmasters and the Event Coordinator.

Personal Profile

-Background in Marketing and/or communication

-Very good web culture (online advertising, collaboration tools …)

-Ability to build relationships

-Control of the main office software (spreadsheet, word processing …), graphic design    and photo editing (Photoshop, InDesign …) or publishing content on the web (CMS software …).

-Graphic process control (railway …) and different stages of publishing related media “print” and “web”.

-Skilled at Managing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to improve the visibility of the website and all social media tools in use.

-Excellent knowledge and management of provider’s communications (media, printing companies …).

-Excellent Oral and writing skills. Fluent in English.

-Ability to work on a team and with a lot of autonomy (able to work remotely from anywhere in the world)


SOCIAL MEDIA/Digital Marketing Specialist


Report to: Marketing and Communication Director

Job description:

Gets the word out about the Orchids of Light Foundation. The Orchids Social Media Director manages web content, blogs and social media accounts for the Orchids of Light Foundation. Responsible for managing, developing stratagies and executing Orchids overall social and digital media strategies, activities and managing multiple social features and products as part of Orchids overall digital platform growing Orchids audience significantly through quality and engaging content.

Responsibilities Include:
– Create and manage online content

– Monitoring and control of the Orchids brand on the Internet and social media sites

– Production of communication plan and market analysis report for social media

– Blogging

– Writing for social media, web sites and press releases

– Lead development for social identity management, social plug-ins for sharing,   commenting and rating –experieinced using analytics to deliver intelligence on social engagements and user behaviors

– Monitor and measure Orchids social media campaigns through analytics tools, report and analyze the effectiveness of campaigns to maximize results for Orchids team.  Providing regular feedback in a timely fashion
– Optimization of texts for search engines

– Advising directors on best practice business use of social media

– Participation in online forums


– Identifying and targeting Orchids on-line contingency.

  • -Proven skills developing and executing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to attract and engage visitors that match Orchids target audience technically optimized to for ‘natural’ campaigns that build rank, profile and traffic across all digital platforms


Background in internet communication or marketing (study or professional experiences)

Uses and enjoys social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google…

Strong focus on and understanding of how to leverage “millenials” desired.

Knowledge and experience working with Word Press required

Fluent English

Excellent communication skills

Ability to work in a team environment and alone with a lot of autonomy
Proactive, entrepreneurial spirit, strategic, technical and analytical thinker