Community of people

Community Development

Orchid is a community of philanthropists focused on communities needing social transformation. We don’t exist without our roots. The roots of Orchid the foundation just the roots of Orchid the flower provide the sustenance and life necessary for both to bloom. The flowers of the Orchid foundation are the communities we serve and who we have made it our mission to nourish and help bloom. There is not a single mission supported by Orchid that does not empower community but a few represent that purpose best.

Mahanaim: The Mahanaim Miracle is about transforming communities all over Colombia that were once destitute without the prospect of renewal. Originally established to support the people of the slums of Barranquilla; Mahanaim has continued to seek out new villages that are in desperate need of enrichment and with Herculean achievement transformed each into self-sustaining productive enclaves of dignity.

Path of the Heart: The people and villages of the High Andes are the focus of this well established mission who is helping to develop existing assets in each community they serve so a standard of living can emerge that is both transformational and self-sustaining. POTH serves no less than thirty such towns and villages far outside the periphery of the modern world.

Experiment Albania: This Tirana based charitable organization uses volunteer equity to both raise money and hope by servicing the very poor in this last to fall post-communist country. Building on the self-sustainable revenue generated by volunteers Experiment Albania seeks additional funding to help expand orphanages, provide education to the Roma people of Albania and improve living conditions in some of the poorest neighborhoods of the capital city.

Asociación Mujerer Del Rio: The women of the river embody the term “community development” in that they serve a community forced into existence by a government that doesn’t care about what happens to the marginalized. The slum that is the Patio Bonito Neighborhood of City Kennedy Bogota is home to thousands of displaced people that Mujerer serves by retraining the men and women who were once farmers with professions they can barter in the barrio and providing the children with a school where there is none.