How We Work

Orchids is multifaceted in the way it raises equity in terms of material, moral, intellectual and physical capital. Our model for acquiring these asset is unique. Our programs include:

Project Management
At Orchids each project is reviewed on its own merit and analyzed for its compliance with “The Orchid criteria” required for the approval of equity allocation. If we receive a request to fund a project that is close but does not quite meet the Orchid standard or is outside the scope of Orchids requirements the foundation can respond to the partner with an explanation as to why it falls short and what needs to be done to meet the requirements. Once a project meets the Orchid standard the foundation has the option to either initiate an equity raising effort on its behalf or contributing to the project from its general fund. Partners must submit the results on how all Orchids contributed equity was allocated to each funded project so the details of each investment can be reported back to our donor community.

Global Corporate Asset Acquisition
The Orchids Executive Director meets with corporations and professionals in each partner’s country of residence and invites them to participate in that partner’s success.

Orchid World Tour
Orchid’s team of founders and volunteers will have the opportunity to travel to selected countries around the world where we have an invitation to introduce the Orchid label to potential investors and other like thinking individuals. These tours will include a fund raising activity and general plan to expose donors to Orchids unique brand of philanthropy.

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Orchid Experience
Orchid will design and promote two or three week long visits to a partner community each year. These excursions are designed to strengthen the relationship between the supported community and our donors and may also include volunteer activities. Part of the package will include an option to explore the country where the partner resides so our donors can learn firsthand how their involvement is making a positive difference. In addition to the actual cost of the excursion Orchid charges a small donation premium that goes directly to the mission visited.

Orchids Originals
Orchid plans to build a web portal to an online store where goods produced by an Orchid partner can be acquired. 100% of the money raised in this manner will go back to the community and individuals that produce the goods as well as pay for costs associated with their acquisition and distribution.

Orchids raises material capital by appealing to our 20 – 35 year–‐old constituency via social media engines and applications. This equity acquisition will include leveraging internet crowd funding along with direct appeals to college and university students so we can introduce the Orchid label to whomever might be interested in participating in Orchids global initiatives.

Volunteer Placement
Orchids seeks out and places volunteers needed by partner communities to provide services unavailable within the host community itself. These placements will include when applicable a one-time-donation payable by the volunteer for placement. This donation will go directly to the community where the volunteer is working.

Yearly Gala’s: Orchids schedules between two to four fundraising events across the globe. These events raise money for a selected campaign that Orchid is supporting at that time. The galas are also meant to thank our existing Orchids (donors) and introduce new “orchids of light” to our overall mission.

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