What Great Philosopher said: “Strange, isn’t it? Each man’s life touches so many other lives.”

That epiphany is one of my all time favorites. One I’m sure you have had yourself on more than one occasion; particularly during those special moments when you are reflecting on your own life and someone who affected you in a very positive way.

Maybe your thinking about a companion, a parent a spouse, a friend, your child, a traveler you meet along the road, your grandparents, a co-worker, or someone you hardly knew at the time; or maybe still don’t.

Very often we realize the absolute truth of this statement in retrospect, in a view of hindsight when we hold our breath long enough to look back and then afterwards even though we marvel at the coincidence of what just occurred we often forget how this ripple so pregnant with consequence impacted all those lives we touched.

Of course the reverse is also true. Our life is touched by so many and becomes the journey it is because all along this web of life we crawl on; we vibrate our aurora into someones life and in turn other aurora’s vibrate us.

Christmas is a wonderful time to reflect on this magic and your part in it. As we prepare to celebrate Christmas and the season that is a symbol of new beginnings, it is a good time to reflect on the lives you have touched this year and those who have touched yours.

Even with a photographic memory you won’t recall half of them because some of the invisible impacts you have had on others may not be known for generations. Your presence has had a positive effect on lives that will in all likelihood be felt long after you are gone.

Now imagine for a moment how many of these important touches there have been over your lifetime and you can see why it was so wonderful you were here and why it is so important that you arrived. Your birth was a miracle.

If you are reading this post it means we are now connected  in some infinitesimal way and yet it is possible that one day this connection will have an impact on someone or something that without it never would have occurred.

Still not sure who that great philosopher is; It was Clarence in “It’s a Wonderful Life”. and he finished it by reminding us “When you aren’t around you leave an awful hole, don’t you?”

No holes in the life where I’m standing. Keep filling them in.

Merry Christmas




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